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t drinking in the car. After drinking coffee, Paul said he had believed me for years and would love to perversius know myself better. I was very nervous but he put his hand on my knee and I turned to jelly. We kissed and soon was kissing each other face of the languages ​​for each others throats n etc He began to feel myself again began to feel uncomfortable when we were in the eyes of passing cars, Paul said he knew a place where we can go. This time I went and parked at a rest area hidden and before I knew that Paul was all over me, kissing me and feeling my breasts through my top of my, unbuttoned her top and soon had their hands all over my breasts, pulling and pinching my nipples, shivering all the way up my pussy, I felt myself getting wetter by the moment. He began hisck on my nipples and cup my breasts and then had the top completely reversible. Soon tried to get into my pants and forced his hand in front of my jeans, jeans unbuttoned and unzipped me, soon took off my clit and began to frig, I was dripping tap and die has come, I grabbed her jeans and pulled his tail, no larger than I had, but it looked great. I
Quotes started masturbating, but found it difficult to follow. We climbed into the back of my car and continued to masturbate each other, put on my jeans to give better access to my pussy. He put his hand perversius on my silk underwear and was soon fucking me, I got to his cock and wanked him, I was desperate for fun and soon her mouth, tail and a blow followed. perversius He moaned and groaned as he sucked and straw, said it was Cuming so I stopped. He pulled my underwear down and catch your fingers for a few minutes, turned and put his cock in my pussy behiFirst, he found my hole and slid into me. Little by little I began to fuck, and also played with my nipples. I loved it and played with my clit as he fucked me. I orgasm and began to cum, shoot Pablo and shot his load all over her back and buttocks. He wiped his cock in his cum and perversius then offered me to suck his cock, which was covered with thick sauce, I opened my mouth and pulled the tail of me, I licked and sucked clean all I could taste was the sperm and the me pussy. We clean, and I went to the city, from left, perversius Paul and agreed to meet again. (Part 2) follows


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Hi, Tracy ( slut wife), I'm already perversius in April 2008 on my fuck with Rob and his friends. I began an affair with a man Paul, who met at the local rugby club, with which it all began quite innocently, talked, drank, danced and we exchanged phone numbers. I thought nothing of it and we became friends for a few months, once a month on a Friday night in the disco club rugby. in the day I called my cell and asked me for coffee, I reluctantly agreed, but when in the morning of the city, I thought to fly kill two birds with one stone, and agreed to meet for a friendly cup of coffee, but has had other ideas and soon shit. We meet at a famous coffee town and I will be uncomfortable, like many people I knew and I could not go perversius with my husband, he could easily put two and two together and make fifth Paul was uncomfortable and he suggested that we were somewhere else. said he knew a place not far away, where would be quieter, whichsaid we had to get there, since I had my car, took us to this place, its about 8 miles and a coffee shop turned out to be mobile, parked in a parking lot. We bought coffee and sa